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Functional training is a mixed type of training. The peculiarity of functional training is a deep training of stabilizer muscles as well as small muscles and ligaments that are little worked out in everyday life and during the strength simulators training.

During this training, you perform exercises with your own body weight that minimizes the risk of injury. Thanks to functional training you can safely develop such physical qualities as: endurance, balance, mobility, strength and flexibility.

Improving body functionality is the main task of functional training. This means that you train those abilities of your body that help you to perform daily activities naturally and be energetic, active and enduring. 

In E-MOTION club functional training is held on Omnia station and in a functional training studio using special equipment - TRX loops.

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Omnia training

Omnia Training is a 45-minute functional circuit training on a special Omnia station from Technogym Italian company that maximizes the interaction between training participants. Omnia station is available for group training up to 8 persons.

Thanks to a variety of accessories each training session of our guests is not similar to the previous one. The instructor mixes the tasks according to your individual capabilities and level of training. You will have exercises with a pendulum, double pull system, push-and-pull bag, ropes, rings and barbells, etc. The instructor will do everything to develop your physical abilities and correct the technique of performing exercises.



TRX or Total Body Resistance is a functional exercise system based on total body resistance.

The modern functional station and TRX loops that are used during the session turn even such familiar exercises as push-ups or squats into a high-efficiency metabolic training. That's why you are still losing calories for a long time after your workout.

Combinations of TRX exercises involve different muscle groups and stabilizer muscles during the training. TRX has a great advantage of training the whole body without a spine direct load that makes it as safe as possible for your organism. Train with our instructors and they will choose your optimal loads.


Group programs manager, universal trainer Oleksandra Kobalinova
Gym manager and specialist Ihor Kavaler
Universal trainer Valeriia Voloshyna
Universal trainer Viktor Romanovskyi
Gym trainer Yevheniia Lakhno
Gym trainer, rehabilitologist Oleksii Tymoshkin
Universal trainer Maksym Kondratiuk
Universal trainer Yevheniia Baklazhenko

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