Beauty and Health

Beauty and Health

In our fitness club we consider sports and fitness to be a philosophy of Wellness lifestyle. That is why our services are not limited with fitness only. Our community means medical and cosmetic procedures, massages, dietitian consultations and also a cosy place to relax, enjoy healthy food and coffee. We do our best that every visit to our club will exceed your expectations and the approach to each client will be professional and individual.  

Join the Wellness philosophy with us!


Dietitian Doctor

To achieve better sports results or to improve the weight loss process you need to eat healthy food. Even intensively trained athletes also need a personal dietitian in order to make their food ration complete and saturate the body with the necessary nutrients. 

There are now many different theories and techniques that can be easily confused and harmful to health. E-MOTION Fitness Community has specialists that form a nutrition program according to the client's individual needs focusing primarily on the client's medical history and test results.


Sports doctor

In our fitness club you can take a functional body testing under your sports doctor supervision who analyses your body functional state and your fitness level.

The doctor determines the parameters of body composition, growth-to-weight ratio, cardiovascular system reaction to physical activity, hand strength and lung capacity. All these parameters are analysed by the doctor and the client is given recommendations for the training process based on these results.

In addition functional testing allows you to monitor your fitness progress and correct the training process according to the test results.



Our partner Leo Beauty Club cosmetic salon has prepared a wide range of procedures for you: from massages and facial procedures to machine cosmetic sessions aimed at body modelling.

During the weight loss process it is important to monitor both your body and face skin condition. That is why we advise you to attend cosmetic procedures and work with professionals. They will help your skin with quickly adaptation to new body sizes. Among the procedures you can choose a microcurrent therapy session, depilation and peelings.



Massage in E-MOTION Fitness Community is a combination of professional skill and quality cosmetics. We have prepared more than 10 types of massage for you that help to model the body of your dreams, improve your health and relieve tension.

Among massage procedures you can choose the following: classical body massage, sports or therapeutic massage, acupressure, honey or anti-cellulite massage, foot massage. The massage can be combined with a wrap according to your needs and goals: from body moisturizing and microcirculation increasing to body weight loss stimulating.

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