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Classes in Mind & Body direction is a philosophy that is based on harmony achievement between body and mind. 

Classes in Mind & Body direction are calm and fluent. It is a very gentle form of fitness that combines special breathing, physical and psychological techniques to help you to restore calmness and balance. During the training the deepest muscles are strengthened and the technique of correct breathing is practiced. Training develops the flexibility of joints and spine, forms a correct posture. Pilates and myofascial release classes help to recover after injury and childbirth. 

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Yoga is a set of static exercises combined with a breathing system that improves physical health and gives energy and vitality.

Special combinations of asanas and breathing exercises are aimed at achievement of emotional balance, strong and enduring body. Yoga clears thoughts and reveals energy potential, your body gets flexibility and strength and your psychic stabilizes. In our club you can join two main yoga directions: hatha and ashtanga vinyasa.

Matwork та Allegro


Pilates is a mind-body strength training that promotes formation, development and strengthening of muscle corset and creation of correct posture. Most Pilates exercises are aimed at spine stretching, flexibility and breathing development. These exercises strengthen stabilizer muscles.

Special accessories for pilates such as balls, rolls and rings are used during the training. Our club is equipped with Pilates Allegro studio (professional equipment used in the best pilates studios in the world) that allows to turn your training process into an extremely effective way of improving the body. 



The complex of exercises performed in a special hammock that combines yoga, elements of stretches, gymnastics and even dance. Anti-gravity yoga promotes the development of muscle strength, flexibility, coordination and balance, improves joint mobility and the functional state of the body. Classes in a hammock relieve extra stress from the spine and stretch tendons, fascia and ligaments very slowly and gently. If you want to try an effective and unusual training of "yoga" direction - Fly yoga is the perfect choice!



Stretching is a training with exercises for stretching, muscles and ligaments relaxing and joint mobility improving. Body gets flexibility, blood circulation improves and muscles are saturated with oxygen.

Stretching is necessary not only for women and girls but also for men because after strength loads the muscles need to be stretched for their recovery and growth. Our instructors will help you to improve your flexibility as safely as possible.


Myofascial release

MFR is a class that aims to stretch and relax tense fascias (connective tissues that cover muscles, tendons and internal organs) using special equipment: rollers and balls.

Training reduces pain in the joints, provides tissue elasticity, prevents injury and improves exercise efficiency. Like any massage MFR improves the nervous system, removes muscle blocks and betters metabolic processes in the body. MFR training should be used to restore muscles after strength training.


Group programs manager, universal trainer Oleksandra Kobalinova
Universal trainer Viktor Romanovskyi
Group programs and yoga trainer Olha Kadatska

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