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Personal workouts

Personal workouts

It's known from experience that achieving fitness results is more effective and viable together with a qualified trainer. That's why E-MOTION Fitness Community offers our clients personal workouts in the gym and classes of various fitness directions. We will help you to find "the right" trainer and to choose the type of training based on the recommendations of a sports doctor and your wishes. Be sure you are in safe hands! 

For effective and safe workouts we recommend you:
  • to take a fitness orientation during which our trainer will show you the gym sports equipment. He will also tell you about the group training classes that take place in our fitness club;
  • to take a fitness testing with a head physician during which the specialist will find out the goals you want to achieve, determine the level of your health and the state of your musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and identify your "weak points" that require special attention. Based on these results, the doctor will provide professional advice regarding the type and level of individual physical activity. If necessary, the rehabilitation therapist will work in tandem with a trainer to achieve you the best results.


Group programs manager, universal trainer Oleksandra Kobalinova
Gym manager and specialist Ihor Kavaler
Universal trainer Valeriia Voloshyna
Universal trainer Viktor Romanovskyi
Gym trainer Yevheniia Lakhno
Gym trainer, rehabilitologist Oleksii Tymoshkin
Group programs and yoga trainer Olha Kadatska
Universal trainer Maksym Kondratiuk
Universal trainer Yevheniia Baklazhenko
Universal trainer Yuliia Kanivets
Group programs trainer Demian Bazyliuk
Ballet trainer Valeriia Brianska

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